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Hamburg Germany

Hamburg, Germany is the birth place of Alfred Witte’s Astrology.  You will find Michael Feist, third generation CEO of the Hamburg School of Astrology In Hamburg. This is the home of the astrological association for Witte’s cosmic researches (est. 1925). His astrology techniques have spread worldwide to many countries. These kinds of techniques are known today as the “Uranian System” of astrology.
Michael, together with his remarkable world traveling uncle, Hamburg School astrologer     Udo Rudolph and a group of very select international astrologers, formed a highly sophisticated worldwide association.  Since 2005, this new foundation of astrologers is known as the “International Uranian Fellowship” or IUF. Check this site to be updated on current events and conference locations. You are certainly always invited to become a member or register for the conferences. Michael can be reach via ceo@Witte-Verlag.de and I-U-F.org.

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