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15° Dial – 24th Harmonic – 4.75 Inch Size

15° Dial – 24th Harmonic – 4.75 Inch Size




15° Dial  –  24th Harmonic – 4.75 Inch Size

Study the most exact aspect or configuration when the chart is entered around the 15 degree dial. To use this dial, enter planetary factors found every 15 degrees in any sign of the zodiac. Remember, the lower the dial degree number, the more magnified will be the horoscope. This dial can be compared to placing the chart under a microscope.

How to Enter the Chart – Example: Moon at 10 degrees of Scorpio, enter the Moon at 10 degrees. Sun at 25 degrees of Aries, subtract 15 degrees and enter the Sun at 10 degrees. Ascendant at 14 of Aquarius, enter the Ascendant at 14 degrees. In short, this dial begins and ends every 15 degrees around the zodiac. There are no zodiac signs on this dial, only numbers.

Why do we Use this Dial Chart? – This chart is used when the astrologer desires great detail in visually determining the most exact configurations in the horoscope. See how large the distance is between degrees. Therefore, the various distances between cosmic factors will contrast dramatically with the most exact distances. Is This a Dial on Which to Analyze the Horoscope?

This 15 degree dial in not a dial on which to process a complete client analysis (reading). This dial is also not useful for determining midpoints. However, one will find it a practical tool for quickly observing how exact current transits and directions are to each other and to the natal birth chart when these patterns form both harmonious halfsemi-sextiles, sextiles, trines and the hard aspects of conjunctions, oppositions and squares. Made of a heavy 10 mil laminated plastic, this dial is sold in 3 sizes which fit horoscopes printed from the Uranian astrology program AstrologicPC. Sizes are . . . 3.5″, 4.75″ and 6″. The 6″ size fits most astrology programs that offer dials printouts. . . . $4.00 for 3.5″, $4.00 for 4.75″ and $10.00 for 6″. (We customized dials to fit any size printout at an extra $5.00 charge.)

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