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Combination of Stellar Influences

Combination of Stellar Influences




Combination of Stellar Influences

by Reinhold Ebertin

     This book explains the development of cosmobiology, which uses the 90 degree dial, and teaches the methods of this progressive school of astrology. Through the interpretation of the stellar bodies and other astronomical points in the individual’s chart, emphasis is placed on the cosmobiological character and the shaping of destiny. The delineation of the various combinations in midpoints are well-defined, easy to follow and to the point.
     This is the fundamental textbook of cosmobiology written by the authority on the subject and ought to be on every astrologer’s reference shelf.
Softcover, 256 p. – 1 lb. 2 oz – 5.5″ X 8.5″ X 0.75″ – $24.95

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