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Mechanics of Future Asteroids

Mechanics of Future Asteroids




Mechanics of the Future Asteroids

Revised Edition by Martha Lang-Wescott

     “These are astonishing times to be an astrologer. It is perhaps the gift of Pluto in Scorpio that widespread use of the asteroids will enable us to delve deeper and deeper into the psyche, into the motivation and into the very nature of human beings. We are lighting candles in areas of behavior that have been dark; to what end? The asteroids may provide the framework for a quantum leap to new islands of WILL and transformation.” re: Introduction to Martha Lang Wescott’s book :Mechanics of the Future, Asteroids.”

  • Chapter I – Brains are quite practical learning machines. – Motivation, keywords, getting started, asteroids/planet affinities, asteroid/subject reference index and more.

  • Chapter II – Time laughs if we think it moves. –  Interpretive techniques including eclipses, directions, return charts, event dialogues, diurnal charts and much more.

  • Chapter III Monday mornings, Friday afternoons. –  Delineations of the included asteroids in aspect to angles, planets, luminaries, TNPs, and the other asteroids.

        Softcover – 7″ X 10″ X .50, 245 pages, wt 1 lb . . . $25.00

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