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Phoenix Workshop Uranian Astrology Manual

Phoenix Workshop Uranian Astrology Manual



Phoenix Workshop Uranian Astrology Manual

by Penelope  Bertucelli

A popular title for the student of uranian astrology. The author takes an unusual approach. This text is a presentation of four books in one volume.

  1. In book one the author explains the mythology behind each of the 8 transneptunians. She presents a new perspective on how each transneptunian, as a single factor, interacts with planets and other factors in the chart. Find out how to use the TNPs in horoscope analysis.

  2. In book two the student discovers that the Annual Diagram actually does predict events for the coming year. Five dramatic case studies of famous persons are included. The student learns how to analyze the Annual Diagram and get results.

  3. Book three is about health configurations. These chapters cover the biological influence of each planet and TNP along with the planetary pictures. Health case files that diagram specific maladies are included.

  4. The fourth book explores a new field of interest for the uranian astrologer . . . see the phenomenal accuracy of using the Horary chart procedures. These pages include 6 cases for study.

Softcover, spiral bound, 8 x 11, 153 p., 1.2 lbs . . .

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