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TNP 1900 – 2050 Transneptunian Ephemeris

TNP 1900 – 2050 Transneptunian Ephemeris





TNP  1900 – 2050 Transneptunian Ephemeris                                               

by Neil Michelsen

Neil F. Michelsen provides one page for each year from 1900 through 2050, with positions by sign, degree and minute, listed in 5 day intervals, for each of the eight transneptunian points first identified by Alfred Witte and Fredrich Sieggruen in the 1920s. Since then, the use of the TNPs have been important to The Hamburg School of Astrology, more commonly known as Uranian Astrology. The Calculations within this volume, programmed by Neil F. Michelsen, are for Midnight UT.

Soft Cover, 9” X 11”, dates 1900-2050, weight  1 lb – $23.95


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Weight 1 lbs
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