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Uranian Astrology Concepts

Uranian Astrology Concepts



Articles of Uranian Astrology Concepts

by Udo Rudolph

      This booklet contains a series of articles written in English for the “Uranian Forum magazine,” Published by Penelope Publications, Inc. Author Udo Rudolph, astrologer, traveler and professor, was senior administrator of the Hamburg School of astrology in Germany.  Udo Rudolph was the primary force for promoting the works of Alfred Witte’s system (known as uranian astrology)  internationally.  Over the years he has responded to every and all conference invitations around the world.

     Udo Rudolph was featured instructor as master uranian astrologer for workshops in Miami and Ft Lauderdale, Florida invited by Penelope Publications, Inc. He instructed workshops for Uranian Society,  New York City and was a featured workshop speaker at American Federation of Astrology conferences as well.

     He introduced Alfred Witte’s uranian astrology methods in workshops in Russia, Riga and Thailand. Udo Rudolph encouraged the translation of German language books in Thailand and Japan and the United States. He is author of a number of German astrology publications. He published the German language astrology magazine Hamburger Hefte for many years. His currently popular master-work is titled ABC Fur Planetenbilder (German language only) updates the German Rules Book that containes the earlier planetary pictures of Alfred Witte.

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