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Cosmic Symmetry & the Horoscope

          According to Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia, “Uranian Astrology has the capacity to delineate and predict probabilities with precision. Its most seasoned practitioners have verified that other psychological, social, and genetic variables operate in tandem with astrological indicators. These indicators continue to affect how energies will ultimately manifest. From this perspective, astrology is not fate, but an indicator of probabilities that can be altered by free-will choices. This kind of astrology is then most useful as a warning technique to assist in averting problems” (on the other hand, as an advocate in successful project planning.)

          “Uranian astrology is a science, not an ideology, but is compatible with most reasonable world ideologies. In its early writings in the 1920’s, Founder/Astrologer Alfred Witte, experimented with numerous historical astrology techniques. His approach to astrology was to verify or deny assumptions by means of observation rather than rely blindly on astrological traditions.” His colleagues joined him in his research. After WWII, publisher/astrologer Ludwig Rudolph founded the Hamburg School of Astrology.

          Witte’s astrology differs from traditional techniques. His is a system of mathematical planetary interactions that might include one, two, or numbers of factors. As time has passed the blending of these planetary energies has formed a language” that has been documented and built upon. Today, the two main texts from Witte’s original research are Udo Rudolph’s German Title, ABC Fur “Plantenbilder,” published by Michael Feist, Hamburg Germany and the English text, published by Penelope Publications entitled Rules For Planetary Pictures.

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