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Software for Uranian Astrology


Software for Uranian Astrology

At Penelope Publications we offer AstrologicPC computer program exclusively written and created by Michael Feist (Hamburg, Germany) for the uranian astrologer. This  is a premier computer program featuring all uranian astrology techniques.  AstrologicPC calculates every procedure used by the Uranian Astrologer.  Includes the Module Rules for Planetary Pictures.  Access the meaning of any word or any combination of three horoscope factors. The AstrogogicPC is currently in the updating process. We are available to answer questions.

Special Features:

  • AstrologicPC is fast and simple to operate.
  • A house chart for every Planet/Transneptunian – a print out of all six main houses.
  • One, two or three charts on one dial – discover what midpoints fall in each house.
  • Select from five dial formats in three sizes – print one, two or three charts on each dial.
  • Create your own harmonic dial in an instant, combine w/natal & progressive  or directed chart.
  • Select quarterly horoscopes (combine w/natal progressive or directed chart).
  • Low and high culmination of the daily Sun (conjunct 10th or 4th house cusp).
  • Countless sorting lists include natal, transit, directed and progressed.
  • Sort in any chosen format – 360o, 90o, 45o, 30o, 22 1/2 (or create your own).
  • Midpoints, half sums, differences, half differences, solar arc and sums.
  • See solar arc or progressed triggering points for day, month, year or up to 90 years.
  • Solar arc tables for a lifetime (provided in 180 day intervals).
  • Incredible graphic dials – 360o, 90o, 45o, 30o, 22 1/2 (or create your own).
  • Select the natal, directed or progressed and transit to print on one dial.
  • Special presentation charts prints dial with pointer on axis degree of your selection.
  • Meridian and Moon corrector for instant rectification.
  • Formula calculator – combine complex formulas in brackets, sensitive points for all axis in the chart, analysis midpoint axes, single factors, chart comparisons.
  • Freely choose orbit of influence.
  • Enter degree and shows natal, directed or progressed and transit midpoints, sensitive points or full factors to be analyzed.
  • Uranian Astrology Computer Program v.280e (Ask about the following upgrades):
    • AstrologicPC – w/workboard, CD, Manual, and 15, 22.30, 45, 60, 90, 360 degree dials,     . . . $360.00
      (Includes license, Rules Book Module and Graphic Ephemeris)
    • AstrologicPC – w/workboard, CD, Manual, and 15, 22.30, 45, 60, 90, 360 degree dials,     . . . $299.00
      (Includes license, Rules Book Module)
    • AstrologicPC – upgrade from 273 to 280     . . . $50.00
    • AstrologicPC – upgrade from older versions than 273     . . . $140.00

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