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Penelope Bertucelli

Penny Bertucelli (2) Penelope  Bertucelli Owner/President of Penelope Publications, Inc. since 1984. Publishes Uranian astrology books, i.e., Rules For Planetary Pictures by Ludwig Rudolph, Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School by Udo Rudolph and Ruth Brummund, A Small Selection of Articles by Udo Rudolph titled Articles, Uranian Concepts, Phoenix Workshop by Penelope Bertucelli, Friends and Family by Penelope Bertucelli. She published the international by-monthly journals (1985-1992), The Uranian Forum. This was a popular format that offered a central international space to archive featured articles by uranian astrologers from many different countries. Over the years Bertucelli has been engaged in national conferences as a featured presenter in Phoenix, Arizona’s Cosmobiology conference, Cleveland, Ohio, Orlando, Florida NCGR. In the 1980s she organized several uranian astrology conferences in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Major ground breaking uranian astrologers of the time such as Udo Rudolph and Ruth Brummund of Hamburg, Germany,  Martha Wescott from Massachusetts,  Charles Emerson and Sylvia Sherman from New York and  John Jenkins from New Zealand and Boulder Ebertin Aalen, Germany were among the featured speakers. As an involved astrologer during the 1990s Bertucelli joined South Florida NCGR as vice president with well known astrologer Shirley Stevenson as President. Today Bertucelli continues to be active in local astrology groups. She is a current member, from time to time, a featured workshop presenter of uranian astrology formats at NCGR meetings held each month at the Nova Southeaster University. Our NCGR president is a master organizer, knowledgeable astrologer  Mimi Alonso,      



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