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Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation

Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation



Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation

by Ebertin & Hoffman

“Modern astrologers recognize that fixed stars carry an influence into the horoscope if conjunct a natal a planet by longitude and even more so if by latitude (parallel). A prominent star on the Ascendant or Midheaven is said to be an indication of recognition achieved in the lifetime. The character of the star indicates the kind of influence. This book is small but loaded with important information and contains 73 major stars and describes their essential nature.

The basis for this small book was a publication by Elsbeth Ebertin entitled (in German) Stemenwandel und Weltgeschehen. It contained cases of her own investigations and records. Son, Reinhold Ebertin, and Georg Hoffmann, co-worker of Elsbeth, edited the text and added many new sources of information. Like Ptolemy’s astronomical handbook, Almagest, this is the basis for much of the current information we have on fixed stars.”

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