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The Graphic Ephemerides

The Graphic Ephemerides




The Graphic Ephemerides

       The Graphic Ephemeris is one of the most remarkable tools for the astrologer.  Do you want a year graph, a three month graph, a month graph, or a week graph? Our sample graphic is printed on the 90 degree dial? The graphic ephemeris helps you chose the right day and moment at a glance.

       The above pictures demonstrate how to single out triggered patterns. A vertical line is drawn from the top to the bottom of the graphic ephemeris on the day in question. Then circle all factors that are linked that day. Then read the influence.  Check out how the triggering transit planets Mercury, Mars and Jupiter cross paths around the 2nd if August . . a good day to sign an important contract.

      Remember to include your birth data information when you order. If you know your Ascendant please list this as well. Email the name, day, place and time of birth. We can print weekly, monthly, yearly graphics with your radix, direct and transit planets on each graphic. It is useful to have an at-a-glance map to see your most favorable times of the year. Choose any harmonic, 360°, 90°, 45° or 22°30′.

Price: One year monthly graph . $29.95


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