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Angles and Predictions

Angles and Predictions





Angles and Predictions

by Martha Westcott

   “The delineations of “Angles and Prediction” are written to address the angular manifestations of factors on a solar return.  They arise in part from an important tenet: energies will manifest in every way they can even within a brief period of time.  A combination of energies then, won’t exhibit only once or in just one way; each has a range of means and this complexity compounds with the addition of the scripts of another factor.” – quote from introduction page by Martha Westcott

Headings of all sections are alphabetical.  All sections include the possible expression of the planet, transneptunian or asteroid as each interacts with the other in the horoscope.

Softcover, 9″ X 7″ X 2″, 549 pages, weight 2.5 lbs, $49.95


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Weight 2.5 lbs
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