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Applied Cosmobiology Textbook

Applied Cosmobiology Textbook

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Applied Cosmobiology

by Reinhold Ebertin

This basic cosmobiology textbook was first printed in Germany (1949) under the title the 90 degree dial in practice. After many additions and improvements it was released again in 1972 under the current title.

Ebertin takes the fundamentals of the basic horoscope one step further by condensing the 360 degree horoscope wheel to 90 degrees and placing the planets into their groups of cardinal, fixed and mutable (TNPs not included). The analysis then becomes very simplified, yet with details that are astounding. Explained are the methods, interpretations, use of solar arc directions, graphic Ephemerides and more. See for yourself how using cosmobiology makes astrology become a quicker and more useful tool.

Softcover –  207 p. , 5.5″ X 8.5″ X 0.5″,  wt. 10 oz. . . . $19.95

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