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Cosmobiology for the 21st Century

Cosmobiology for the 21st Century




Cosmobiology for the 21st Century

by Eleanora Kimmel

        “Eleanora Kimmel has written the most definitive and insightful book on Cosmo biology available today. Within these pages you will find the specifics of how to erect and interpret the 90 degree dial as easily and quickly as a traditional chart.

In addition, there are examples that illustrate the validity of cosmobiology in rectification, fame, success, relationships, health and many other areas of life. Eleanora thoroughly explains the use of the 45 degree ephemeris and declinations.

Midpoints, the basic tenet of cosmobiology, are carefully explained and defined, as are the cosmic structure patterns, life diagram and the 45 degree linear diagram. This knowledge, combined with the use of solar arc directions in forecasting makes cosmobiology a viable and useful tool for astrological interpretation.”

Soft cover, 5 1/2 ” x 8 1/4″ X 1.2″…207 Pages, Weight 10 ounces, $19.95

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